Thursday, March 29, 2012

Lock or unlock SharePoint 2010 site collections

I faced this issue today. After a backup restore, my site collection started behaving differently. It was a team site with publishing features turned on.

After the restore, the additional menus, disappeared, faced access denied etc. Finally found out that the Site Collection has got locked after restore operation.


In this blog I will describe how to lock and unlock Site Collection. You can apply locks to a site collection to prevent users from updating content or you can temporarily prevent users from accessing the site collection.




Not locked

Unlocks the site collection and makes it available to users.

Adding content prevented

Prevents users from adding new content to the site collection. Updates and deletions are still allowed.

Read-only (prevents additions, updates, and deletions)

Prevents users from adding, updating, or deleting content.

No access

Prevents users from accessing the site collection and its content. Users who attempt to access the site receive an error.

1.     In Central Administration, click Application Management.

2.     On the Application Management page, in the Site Collections section, click Configure quotas and locks.


3.     If the site collection you want isn't already selected, in the Site Collection section, on the Site Collection menu, click Change Site Collection. Use the Select Site Collection page to select a site collection.


If you have a more elegant solution – please post a comment… I’ll be happy to hear.

...HaPpY CoNfIgUrInG

Partha (Aurum)


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